Good Cop Bad Cop®: Promoted


An expansion to Good Cop Bad Cop® where your cunning and heroics in one game get you promoted in the next.

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Tabletopia, Tips, and More
about 1 month ago – Fri, Aug 06, 2021 at 10:09:39 AM

Greetings officers!

We have some news today to share so set down your defibrillator, grab a cup of coffee, and twirl those mustaches if you have 'em.

Tips for Promoted

Ryan and Bethany did a wonderful review of Good Cop Bad Cop™ with the Promoted expansion and they had a couple tips we wanted to share with you to implement at your next game night:

  • If you only have time for one game of GCBC but you still want to play with some Promoted goodness, just randomly deal everyone one promotion card at the beginning of the game to give them a unique power.
  • If you didn't spring for the deluxe version with a bag for your medals, you can put them in the box lid and draw from there. It helps keep your table a little more organized.

Here's their full review:


Good Cop Bad Cop™ is now available on Tabletopia for you to play digitally! Here are links:

We're Back on Kickstarter

Also, we're back on Kickstarter with a second expansion to The Zorro™ Dice Game! This is a Yahtzee-style dice roller in the Zorro universe where each expansion ratchets up the difficulty, so you can play with non-gamers with the base game and challenge experienced gamers with the expansions. It also plays 1-8 players with expansions, so that, plus the variable difficulties, might make it the easiest game to get to your table. 

Also, since you've backed us before, you will get a discount on shipping by logging into our mobile app with your Kickstarter email address and using the promo code you find there -- the more you've backed from us, the bigger the discount! Lastly, we have a few deluxe upgrades for Good Cop Bad Cop™: Promoted campaign that we'll put up in the pledge manager of that campaign in case you need any GCBC goodies. 

Now that's enough lollygagging, officers. It's time for us to get back on the street!

-Clayton and Brian

Events and Groups and News
8 months ago – Sun, Jan 24, 2021 at 10:37:55 PM

Greetings investigators! 

First off, as far as we know, everyone has their reward now, so if you haven't received yours, please email or send us a Kickstarter message so we can get it to you. 

Secondly, it's now in stores too! You can give it a rating on Amazon here if you want to help us out. OK, now grab your coffee and donut and see what else we have for you.

Tabletop Simulator Event

In case you're having trouble getting your game group together for Good Cop Bad Cop: Promoted, come join us on Tabletop Simulator on Saturday and play with us. You need two things to play: 

  • Tabletop Simulator on Steam you can get right here 
  • a free ticket to this event you can get right here 

I promise I am not the Kingpin. I think Clayton might be though...

Loyalty Program and Mobile App Announced

Just in case you didn't see it in our newsletter, we officially announced our new loyalty program (Pull the Pin Agents) and mobile app we mentioned we were building during this campaign. The latest version of the app had a major facelift so if you haven't checked it out in a while, it looks a lot shinier.

As you rise the ranks, you'll get benefits such as:

  • Discounts on future campaigns or pledge managers. (the higher the rank, the bigger the discount)
  • Early shipping on future campaigns.
  • Access to private events.

Download the app for iOS or Android and create an account with your Kickstarter email address to check your current rank and benefits. And you can take advantage of them in our next campaign for the second expansion to The Zorro Dice Game.

Facebook and Discord

We just started a Facebook group and Discord server where we'll be announcing upcoming events like special sessions of our current games, demos of upcoming games, and playtesting of those still in development. We'll also ask for your help us make some crucial design decisions through polls and such too so you can help make the games what you want them to be. Finally, of course, we'll be posting images of art and prototypes so you can get an inside look at how various projects are coming along. 

We hope to see you there in the germ-free digital world!

-Clayton and Brian

Sleeves and More Local Shipping Updates
10 months ago – Thu, Nov 12, 2020 at 05:13:25 PM

Greetings officers,

We know some of you have received your reward and some of you have not so this is just a quick update mainly to let you know if you should be worried if you are in the "not" category.

Local Shipping Update

For the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Your rewards are still making their way to a fulfillment hub in or near your country before they are dispatched to you from there. It's looking like late November to early December before it is in your hands. The fulfillment company will be providing a tracking number to you.

For all other countries, you should either have your reward or a tracking number by now. See the "Questions?" section to contact us if you haven't yet.

Sleeves and Other Accessories

As a reminder, you need 1 pack of sleeves for each base game or expansion you have. If you didn't pick up enough to cover all your cards during the campaign, US backers can get more here on our Square store. Those outside of the US, send us an email or Kickstarter message and we will see if we have any in a fulfillment center near you.

Promo codes: If you download our companion mobile app, it will give you a rules/equipment reference as you play, but also, if you create an account under your Kickstarter email address in there, you will find a promo code that you can use for a discount on sleeves or anything else on our store.


Feel free to comment, send us a Kickstarter message, or email and we will respond within 48 hours.

Stay safe everyone,

Clayton and Brian

Local Shipping Updates and Combining Expansions
11 months ago – Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 01:15:49 PM

We have some good news from headquarters... it's almost time for you all to get PROMOTED! Our Canadian officers are first in line, but the rest of you will get what's coming to ya soon after them.

Local Shipping Update

Here are the latest updates for each region along with ESTIMATED delivery windows where we can.

  •  Canada: These have all shipped and some of you have already received them. Estimated delivery between October 15th - November 10th.
  •  Australia and New Zealand: These are headed to a fulfillment hub in Australia before being shipped to you from there. We’re still waiting on an estimate on when these will be delivered so we'll have to keep it vague for now and say the estimate is some time in November.
  •  Rest of Asia/Pacific: Some are shipping out now directly to you, like mainly for backers in China and Hong Kong. Most of the rest will mostly go to local hubs before going to you. We haven't gotten a delivery estimate yet but it could be any time between October 20th and mid-November.
  •  Europe: We're still waiting on an estimate on delivery from the fulfillment center in Germany and we'll let you know when they have it. We're guessing that shipping will begin next week and delivery will be between October 23rd-November 20th.
  •  US: The fulfillment center has everything and our orders are queued up, but they have others in front of us. Estimated delivery between: November 1st - November 19th.
  •  Others: You can refer to either the "Europe" update or the "Rest of Asia/Pacific".

Again we have to stress that these are ESTIMATES because the individual fulfillment centers are handling the shipping and we have very little control over (and often very little communication about) when they end up shipping them. Keep an eye on the main Kickstarter updates for "mini updates" when we get word from one of the fulfillment centers.

Expansion Run-Down

For those of you who are getting the expansions in the All the Things level or those who need a refresher, here is a simple run-down of how each expansion changes the game:

  •  Bombers and Traitors - Adds the Bomber and Traitor roles, which require more careful investigating and more careful shooting.
  •  Undercover - Introduces variable player powers and allows you to keep your allegiance hidden longer with the Covers. We recommend you use the Passive side of your Covers if you are combining it with the Promoted expansion because the Active side is very similar to the Promotions mechanic.
  •  Promoted - Play a series of 5 games where, the better you perform in one game, the more powerful you will be come in future games by gaining unique actions only you can take on your turn.

Combining Expansions

Some questions and answers about combining expansions:

Q: Can I play with all the expansions together in the same game?

A: You sure can.

Q: Should I play with all the expansions together in the same game?

A: Probably not. The more expansions you combine, the more complex it becomes and can make the games take longer so we recommend you only use one at a time. However, if ALL the cops at the table are veterans and know the game super well, go for it. BUT, if ANYONE at the table is not a very experienced Good Cop Bad Copper, combining expansions will confuse the heck out of them and it is not recommended.

Q: How does this card work with that one? 

A: You'll probably find your answer in the mobile companion app. If not, you can ask a question in the app and we'll both answer it and add it to the app for others who may have the same question.

Next Campaign

The next Kickstarter campaign we'll be running is for an expansion to The Zorro Dice Game so you can follow that one and help us unlock pre-campaign goals right here if you want. We haven't announced a launch date yet so stay tuned!

Other Questions?

Please feel free to email us at, send us a Kickstarter message, or comment on the campaign. We'll respond within 48 hours no matter how you reach out to us.

Clayton and Brian


Local Shipping Begins
12 months ago – Mon, Sep 28, 2020 at 01:34:10 PM

This is a jam-packed update, officers. You'll want to read the whole thing.

Local Shipping Update

The primary fulfillment centers around the world we are using either have all the inventory or they will are expected to receive it within the next week so it's time to ship from them to YOU, which is what we call "local shipping". This part is mostly out of our hands and sometimes we accidentally give inaccurate information about when things will be shipped because we don't know when the fulfillment company will start shipping, how long it will take to get through all orders, and how long it will take to deliver. This is even worse in the middle of a global pandemic. 

So..... we're going to go through each region and give ESTIMATES but they could be off by a few weeks -- nothing is for sure until you get that tracking number and watch it make its way to your door. It's looking like all rewards should arrive in your hands in October or November. We'll keep you informed through "mini updates" in the main page comments and larger updates like these as we get information from the fulfillment companies to share.

  •  Australia/New Zealand: The fulfillment center in China is shipping your rewards to a hub in Australia now. That will likely take much of October before they get it and then I'd estimate you'll start receiving rewards in your hands by mid-November.
  •  Other Asia/Pacific Countries: The fulfillment center in China has your rewards and is shipping them now. Some will first go to a fulfillment center (hub) in your country and others will go directly to you. So you could get them in early October if it's going straight to you or it could slide into November if it's going to a hub. You'll be contacted or get a tracking number soon.
  •  Canada: The fulfillment company in Ontario has received all the inventory so the Good Cop Bad Cop items should be shipping out over the next few weeks. If you added on anything for The Zorro Dice Game, you will be receiving those in a separate package that is also shipping out in the next few weeks. I'd be surprised if everyone in Canada didn't have their full reward by the first week in November.
  •  United States: The inventory is arriving at a fulfillment center near Atlanta this week. This fulfillment partner has been hit pretty hard by covid-19 and has been experiencing significant delays. I estimate the whole process will take a month once they start shipping (not sure when that will be) so the earliest I could imagine anyone receiving their rewards would be late October with the unlucky last receiving it in mid-November.
  •  Europe: The inventory is expected to arrive at the fulfillment center in Hamburg, Germany late next week. They will begin shipping pretty quickly after that. I would guess that those of you that are in or close to Germany will get yours by the end of October and the rest will trickle in through the first half of November
  •  Others: If your country/region is not in this list, you'll be included in the "Europe" or "Other Asia/Pacific" timeline, but probably on the later end of it. 

Please send us a Kickstarter message or email if you are moving of you have any questions about your particular order.

Custom Sleeves

Check the gif below... most of you will get to do this about 100 times very soon! So satisfying...

As you can see, they are semi-transparent so all the sleeves will work with all types of Good Cop Bad Cop cards.

Free Promos for You

You're going to have a special surprise in your package when you receive it... well I guess if you're reading this, it won't be a surprise.... but to celebrate the release of the first expansion to The Zorro Dice Game in stores in just over a week, WE'RE GIVING YOU EACH A FREE PROMO PACK OF EQUIPMENT FOR THAT GAME which is only available through Kickstarter (it won't even be in the BGG store) so you will be one of the few who will have it. If you didn't add it on in this campaign, you can pre-order the Heroes and Villains expansion on Amazon or at your friendly local game store.

Companion App

We recently launched a mobile companion app for iOS and Android phones that will help you learn and play Good Cop Bad Cop and the expansions as your rewards arrive. It's new, so the features are fairly limited right now, but you will probably want to have the Frequently Asked Questions in it at your fingertips in case any questions come up as you start playing. 

Our philosophy is to keep the text on the cards fairly light and casual (especially in the newer versions of GCBC) so it's not too intimidating, but we know there can be some situations that come up that aren't 100% clear, so now you have the app to clear those up! You can even ask us questions in the app that we will answer and then add to the FAQ for others.

We are actively adding more features and content to it so let us know what else you want to see in there. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

That's it for now! As always, please comment, send us a KS message, or email us if you have questions and we will respond within 48 hours.

Clayton and Brian